By Khushi Pal
Published May 16, 2024

Hindustan Times

Photo Credits: Unsplash

5 foods rich in keratin to boost hair regrowth

Keratin is a protein vital for strengthening hair and promoting hair regrowth. Here are five foods rich in keratin to include in your diet to boost hair regrowth.


Eggs help boost keratin production. They are also rich in biotin, which helps strengthen hair. 

Sweet potato 

Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, which gets converted into vitamin A, which is essential in promoting keratin. 

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds, including almonds, sunflower and chia seeds, help support keratin production in the body.

Leafy green vegetables 

Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale and lettuce are rich sources of folate and vitamins A and C, which help boost keratin production. 


Like sweet potatoes, carrots are also a powerhouse of beta-carotene. They help boost scalp health and hair regrowth.