By Khushi Pal
Published Dec 07, 2023

Hindustan Times

Photo Credits: Unsplash

5 lifestyle changes to beat winter blues 

The weather turns cold and gloomy during winters with shorter days that can impact one's mood and energy. Here are 5 lifestyle changes to follow this season to help beat the winter blues and remain active. 

Get some sunshine

Exposure to sunlight during the winter is essential as it helps balance serotonin levels and boost vitamin D levels.

Do some physical activity

Keeping your body physically active helps boost mood and reduce stress. 

Practice mindfulness 

Practice mindfulness through meditation, journaling or breathing exercises which help promote feelings of relaxation and calmness.

Eat a healthy diet

Eat a healthy diet which includes leafy greens, fruits and nuts that are high in folate, vitamins, calcium, and magnesium which are essential in boosting mood. 

Keep your sleep routine in check

Lack of sleep and oversleeping can disrupt the circadian rhythm and emotional well-being. Maintain a healthy sleep routine to get an adequate and sound sleep.