By Neha Yadav
Published May 28, 2024

Hindustan Times

5 plants that can tolerate heatwave in summer

Increasing temperatures amid the ongoing heatwave can damage your plants during summer. Here are some plants that can tolerate heatwave and thrive even in extreme conditions during summer.


Lavender is a drought and heatwave-tolerant plant that blooms all year round. Its purple flowers remain vibrant even in dry and hot weather conditions.


Succulents are small and sturdy plants with firm leaves. These plants store water and thrive in hot and arid conditions. These plants are excellent for summers as they can survive heatwaves.


Bougainvilleas bloom brightly with fuchsia pink, white, and orange flowers. This flowering vine can grow well in warm climates and extreme heat. They can cope well in high temperatures and require less watering.

Thuja plant

Thuja is a low-maintenance indoor plant that contains thick green foliage and can be easily grown in high temperatures and heatwave-like conditions.

Spider plant 

This fast-growing plant is easy to grow and requires simple watering and lighting requirements. It can survive heatwaves in summer.