By Neha Yadav
Published Nov 05, 2023

Hindustan Times

Photo Credits: PTI

6 tips to protect your lungs from pollution

Different parts of India have recorded poor to severe air quality levels. Here are six tips to protect your lungs from pollution.

Use a face mask

It is essential to cover your nose and mouth when you step outside to protect your lungs from toxic pollutants. Wear an N-95 mask as it helps reduce exposure to ultra-fine particles by 60 percent.

Prefer staying indoors

Avoid stepping outside unnecessarily unless it is essential. Exposure to pollution can cause inflammation in the lungs and lead to respiratory health issues.

Opt for indoor exercise

Instead of going for a run or a jog outside, opt for exercising indoors. You can end up breathing in harmful air pollutants while jogging or running outside which can further deteriorate your lung health.

Get an air purifier

Bring an air purifier home to filter out the toxic air pollutants from your home. Air purifiers provide fresh oxygen.

Keep indoor plants

Indoor plants such as the snake plant, the palm plant and the money plant work as natural air purifiers that help eliminate toxic compounds such as formaldehyde and carbon monoxide and provide breathable oxygen.

Avoid smoking

Avoid smoking as the air you breathe itself has toxic pollutants that are harmful to your lungs. Smoking cigarettes will deteriorate your lung health and can even lead to congestion.

If you experience chest congestion, shortness of breath or soreness in your throat, then make sure to visit a doctor and follow the necessary steps.