By Neha Yadav
Published Jun 16, 2024

Hindustan Times

Photo Credits: AP

Google CEO Sundar Pichai's 10 inspiring success mantras

Here are some inspiring and motivating quotes on success by Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google.

"Real success comes from understanding things in a deeper way."

"Keep pushing your limits."

"Wear your failures as a badge of honour."

"It is important to follow your dreams and heart. Do something that excites you."

"Let yourself feel insecure from time, it will help you grow as an individual."

"In life don’t react, always respond."

"Be impatient. It will create the progress the world needs."

“As a leader, it is important to not just see your own success, but focus on the success of others.”

"The important thing is not to be afraid to take a chance."