By Ada Kohli
Published Jul 07, 2023

Hindustan Times

How To Network While Studying Abroad

Networking helps you connect with people in your industry and  is an important part of studying abroad as an international student

Here are some tips on how you can build your network when you study abroad

Attend social events

A great way to find and connect with new people is to attend social events. You will find people from different cultures and nationalities and can create a wider network

Reach out to the career development cell

Every university has a career development cell who have contacts with industry professionals. Make sure you reach out to your university’s career development cell while studying abroad

Join local clubs

A great idea to network is to join local clubs. You may even meet people from different countries and industries with similar interests

Utilise alumni network

Reach out to your university’s alumni network who are already working in the industry. You can take their guidance as well as collaborate with them for professional development