By Soumi Pyne
Published Aug 26, 2023

Hindustan Times

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Raksha Bandhan gifts based on your sister's zodiac 

Here are the perfect gifts for your sister this Raksha Bandhan according to her specific zodiac sign

According to astrology, the perfect gift for your sister can be a pair of earrings or a pendant with a coral stone to radiate the energy of her ruling planet, Mars 


You can gift Taurus sisters silk clothes and marble showpieces to symbolise the enduring bond you share with her 



Gift your Gemini sister emerald jewellery or a green dress to resonate with her ruling planet, Mercury. This can also help strengthen your relationship with her


To resonate with Cancer's ruling planet Moon, you can gift your sisters a silver or a pearl accessory that will perfectly match their personality


Gift her presents in yellow or saffron shades to radiate the energy of the Sun. This will help strengthen your relationship with her 


You can gift your sister a Ganesha idol or a book. This choice aligns well with the energy of her ruling planet, Mercury. Lord Ganesha will help in clear thinking and wisdom. And a book can help in self-improvement


An ideal gift for Libra sisters can be diamond jewellery or a white dress to align with their ruling planet, Venus


Present her with gifts crafted from zinc or metal to resonate with her strength and her ruling planet, Mars. A red dress can be a suitable option that matches her magnetic aura


This Rakhi, gift your sagittarius sister a yellow sapphire or a yellow dress to align with her ruling planet, Jupiter. A yellow showpiece can also enhance her journey of exploration


You can give her gadgets or metal items that match her hardworking and organised nature influenced by her ruling planet, Saturn


You can gift a blue stone or modern cooking appliances to align with an Aquarius sister's personality. This will also support in her future goals


Brass objects or yellow gemstones are recommended for Pisces sisters to align with Jupiter. You can also  gift her travel packages to align with Jupiter's expansive nature

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