Lip-Smacking Yoghurt Toppings


Hindustan Times


Dec 15, 2021

 Here are some lip-smacking yoghurt toppings you can try at home

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 Roasted jeera

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Add roasted cumin seeds to plain yoghurt as cumin has thymol which stimulates the activity of digestive enzymes

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Dry fruits and nuts

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Dry fruits and nuts not only make your yoghurt delicious but also helps manage your cravings

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You must add berries to your yoghurt bowl as they are rich in antioxidants that help in keeping your metabolism high

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Soaked chia seeds

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Adding them to your bowl will increase its health quotient as they are rich in proteins and fibre

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Roasted flax seeds

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Flax seeds are rich in essential fatty acids that can reduce inflammation in the body

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