Men Skincare Routine


By Mehak Pal
Published Sep 5, 2021

Hindustan Times


Skincare is as necessary for men as it is for women. Here are a few steps that men can include in their skincare routine 

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Men are more prone to acne and pimples, so use a mild facial cleanser to clean the face on daily basis

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Picture Credit: Pexels/Ron Lach

Use a cleanser that suits your skin type instead of picking just any product off the shelf

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 Use a gentle granulated face scrub once a week. It helps in reducing dead skin and lets your skin breathe

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Do not forget to moisturise your skin before stepping out, exposing it to daylight and outdoor pollution 

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Apply a good serum to nourish the skin and maintain its youthful appearance 

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Use sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays

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Use an under eye cream before going to bed as it protects your skin from fine lines and wrinkles 

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Scrub your lips once a week to avoid chapped or dark lips 

Apply lip balm to keep your lips moisturised 

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Wash your beard with a mild face cleanser to prevent dry skin 

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Use beard oil to prevent itchy skin and rashes 

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