Mind-Bending Psychological Thrillers 


By Ada Kohli
Published Sep 14, 2021

Hindustan Times



Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives to commit crimes

Credits: Facebook/Seven

Black Swan

A passionate ballerina struggles to maintain her sanity, competing to win the lead role in the production of Swan Lake

Credits: Facebook/BlackSwan
Credits: Facebook/GoneGirl

Gone Girl

Nick realises that the entire media focus has shifted on him after his wife disappears on their 5th wedding anniversary

Credits: Instagram/splitmovie


A man diagnosed with 23 distinct personalities kidnaps 3 girls. They must escape before he unleashes his 24th personality

Credits: Facebook/TheSilenceofTheLambs

The Silence of The Lambs

Clarice, a top student at the FBI's training academy interviews a violent psychopath to catch another serial killer

Credits: Instagram/thegirlonthetrainmovie

The Girl On The Train

Rachel stalks a young couple from the train everyday. When one of them goes missing, Rachel becomes the police’s suspect

Credits: Flickr/Philippe Freyhof

The Sixth Sense

A young boy who communicates with spirits seeks help from a child psychologist

Credits: Facebook/ShutterIsland

Shutter Island

U.S. Marshals investigate the disappearance of a murderer from a remote island only to  uncover some shocking truths about the place

American Psycho

A handsome young man hides his alternate personality from his friends and co-workers and commits murders at night

Credits: Facebook/AmericanPsycho

Sleeping with the Enemy 

A young woman has to fake her death to escape from her violent husband but finds it impossible to dodge him, forcing her to fight for her life

Credits: Flickr/A Siegel

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