Movies Based On Video Games


By Atharv Sharma
Published Oct 02 2021

Hindustan Times


What if you could watch your favorite video game characters come alive on the big screen?

Credits: Unsplash

Here are a few movies based on video games for you to enjoy

Credits: Unsplash

The Angry Birds Movie

When mysterious green piggies visit the island of birds, it is up to the Angry Birds to figure out the motives behind their unexpected arrival

Assassin’s Creed

Callum Lynch explores the memories of his ancestors with the help of technology and gains the skills of a master assassin

Super Mario Bros

A feature-length adaptation of the popular video game franchise where Mario must traverse underground labyrinths to save a captured princess


Set on the abandoned fictional planet of Pandora where a range of characters search for a mysterious relic

Mortal Kombat

Based on the popular fighting video game, the movie follows Cole Young, an MMA fighter as he prepares to fight in a high-stakes battle for the universe

Warcraft: The Beginning

Humans unite with Orcs to battle nefarious enemy hordes from invading their planet through a magic portal in this fantasy epic based on World Of Warcraft

Resident Evil

This action-horror film series based on the eponymous game by Capcom sees a special military unit fighting sinister flesh-eating creatures


The movie serves as a prequel to the games, featuring Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake and how he became a professional treasure hunter

Credits: Clay Enos

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