Interior Decoration Ideas


By Atharv Sharma
Published Oct 04, 2021

Hindustan Times


Stuck looking at the same walls and decor around your house?

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Here are some ideas to help you refresh your home décor

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Light it up

To add warmth and drama to a space, consider using wall brackets, table lamps, standing lights, and chandeliers

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Add a classic touch

To give it a classic feel, enhance the space with well highlighted accents and artworks

Wood panel designs

Add an architectural flair to ceilings or floorings by using stained or textured wood finishes

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Interesting fabrics

Fabrics such as linen, cotton, and silk will not only provide an attractive aesthetic, but will also offer a lively touch

Vibrant walls

A well-defined colour palette will help accentuate the visual appeal and define an aesthetic for the room

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Credits: Unsplash

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns can make for great focal points in any décor, given their unique ornamental design

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Upcycled art

Make use of packaging cartons, old bottles, and such to create unique art pieces to add a personal touch

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Texture paint

An unconventional method that gives you a variety of textures to choose from for your walls and let your imagination run wild

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