Natural Ways To Remove Makeup 


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By  Mehak Pal
Published Oct 02, 2021

Are you running out of your regular makeup remover and looking for organic options?

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Try these natural ways to remove your makeup 

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It is an effective makeup remover packed with essential acids and a low molecular weight which provides good penetration

Coconut Oil 

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 It acts as a moisturiser because of its antimicrobial properties 

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It is a great makeup remover that may help hydrate the skin and allow it to retain moisture


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Apply a little milk all over your face and then wipe it off with a cotton ball or a washcloth 

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The anti-inflammatory properties of cucumber may help soothe irritated skin and easily remove makeup

Cucumber juice 

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An effective combination to remove  makeup as it cleanses the skin and exfoliates it 

Baking soda and honey 

Put a little organic honey on a piece of cloth, sprinkle some baking soda over it and clean your face with it 

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It is rich in vitamin A, E and works effectively on sensitive skin to remove makeup 

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Almond Oil 

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