Navratri Fasting Tips For Beginners


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Oct 08, 2021

Navratri fasting for the first time may get a little overwhelming

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Here are a few tips to help you get acquainted with Navratri fasting 

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Keep yourself hydrated and stock up on refreshing drinks such as coconut water, milk and fruit juices. They'll help you stay replenished throughout the day

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Include green leafy vegetables, raw banana and sweet potato in your diet as these are healthy and full of essential nutrients

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Avoid fried snacks while fasting. Opt for healthy alternatives such as peanut chat, makhanas or a bowl of nuts

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It is crucial to have a well-balanced diet comprising complex carbs such as buckwheat, fox nuts and sweet potatoes

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 Include enough fibre, healthy fats, protein and probiotics in your diet to stay full for longer

Go for healthy sweeteners such as honey and avoid the consumption of refined sugar

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Taking ample sleep while fasting is crucial as the body undergoes a detox and needs proper rest

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Activities such as meditation may help calm you down and detoxify the body, mind and soul

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