On-Screen Evolution Of The Joker


By Atharv Sharma
Published Nov 01, 2021

Hindustan Times



One of the most iconic and terrifying villains of all time, the Joker is a character that is loved by both fans and critics

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From being the clown prince of crime in the 1989 Batman movie to singing Christmas carols in the animated series, the Joker has seen a lot of transformation 

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Here are the actors who portrayed the character through the ages

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Cesar Romero

With his rolling Rs and screen-filling laugh, his portrayal of the Joker added to the already colourful, comic tone of the 1960s Batman series

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Mark Hamill

Hamill's wildly flexible voice acting abilities truly brought the clown prince of crime to life in the animated Batman series

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Jack Nicholson

The 1989 version of Batman's rival was played by Jack Nicholson, who gave the character a zany new spin

Heath Ledger

The most definitive Joker of all time, Heath Ledger gave a striking performance in The Dark Knight which also led to his posthumous Oscar win

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Cameron Monaghan

Though never officially named the Joker in the series Gotham, Cameron Monaghan played the character complete with sudden tics and a violent energy

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Jared Leto

With his unpredictable behaviour and slimy menace, Leto's version grabbed attention with his cameo in 2016's Suicide Squad

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Joquian Phoenix

In 2019's Joker, Phoenix investigated the character's psyche, and did it with such wide-eyed dread that he received the Academy Award for Best Actor

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