Productivity Hacks For Morning Routines


Hindustan Times


Oct 11, 2021

Want to add a boost of productivity to your morning routine?

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Night-time habits play an important role in making your mornings productive

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Here are a few night hacks to implement for a morning productivity boost

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 Set aside a few minutes before going to bed at night to plan your morning routine

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 Try to meditate before going to bed as it helps relax the mind, improve focus and relieve stress

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Establish a consistent and relaxing environment to sleep in as it enhances creativity and boosts productivity at work

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Try to avoid consuming snacks and meals close to bedtime as they can disturb your body clock and decrease sleep quality

Adopt journaling as it promotes healthy sleep which leads to higher productivity and crystal clear thinking

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Set goals and priorities that are timely, attainable and realistic because preplanning helps in accomplishing them with a focused and motivated approach

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Waking up early in the morning is a great way to achieve organised and strategic thinking

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