Quick and Easy Pepper and Cream Chicken

Hindustan Times



By Amrita Kohli
Published July 03, 2020

Wash chicken, put it in a pressure cooker, add some salt and let it cook

2-3 whistles ought to do the job for about a kg of chicken

Now, in a pan heat some oil and add 1 table spoon of ginger-garlic paste

(black pepper, amchoor powder, dhaniya powder, garam masala, jeera powder - a teaspoon each. Red chilli powder optional)

Once it’s done crackling, add masalas

Let the
cook for
a bit

Add chicken
and mix it in
the masala

Add chicken stock if you want some gravy and cook for a bit

Add some
fresh cream

Add some coriander and green chillies for taste and colour

And voila, your dish is ready

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