Reasons To Include Vitamin E To The Diet


Hindustan Times


Oct 23, 2021

 Looking for reasons to add vitamin E to your daily diet?

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 This is a magical vitamin that has several amazing health benefits and here are a few of them

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 To achieve long and luscious hair 

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 Studies have shown that vitamin E has tocotrienol which increases hair growth

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 Aids in maintaining a healthy and hydrated skin

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There are many serums and creams that contain vitamin E because it is an antioxidant and repairs the skin

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Preserves your heart health

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 Studies suggest that maintaining good levels of vitamin E leads to a healthy heart. One can rely on sunflower seeds, vegetable oils and nuts to add vitamin E to their diet

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To boost immunity

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Regular consumption of the right proportion of vitamin E can help you tackle infectious diseases and boost the immune system

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