Remedies To Treat Sore Throat


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Oct 26, 2021

Sore throat can be irritating in this changing weather. It makes swallowing and speaking difficult

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 Here are a few home remedies that can be helpful in treating sore throat

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An effective home remedy to treat sore throat is to gargle with turmeric salt water. It makes you feel less congested and soothes your throat

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Take 250-300 ml of water, add a tbsp of turmeric and half a tbsp of salt. Boil it for 5 minutes and once it is warm enough to touch, gargle with it

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Having amla juice with honey is also effective in providing instant relief from sore throat as it contains vitamin C

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Take 15-20 ml of amla juice with a tbsp of honey twice a day 

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Warm milk with turmeric and black pepper works effectively on sore throat

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Take a cup of warm milk with turmeric and black pepper before going to bed

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An easy and simple remedy to tackle sore throat is to gargle with salt water as salt acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which clears the passage and eliminates harmful bacteria

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Take warm water and add a pinch of salt to it. Mix it well and gargle

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