Scary Movies For Sleepovers


By Atharv Sharma
Published Sept 25 2021

Hindustan Times



A deaf writer spends her time writing in her cabin in the woods when an unexpected masked killer shows up

Train To Busan

Passengers in the train going to Busan get trapped as a zombie outbreak manifests in all of South Korea

It Follows

A supernatural horror film where a girl learns that she is the recipient of a fatal curse that is passed on from victim to victim via sexual intercourse

The Witch

Set in the 17th century, this horror flick sees an ostracized family being haunted by sinister forces beyond their control


Intimate fears and unexplained phenomena percolate in this one of a kind horror film that’ll leave you in a daze


A group of friends travels to Sweden to attend a religious festival only to land in the clutches of a pagan cult

The Ritual

An ancient evil stalks a group of hikers when they take a wrong turn in the Scandinavian mountains

Creep 2

The movie follows a documentary filmmaker as she interviews a serial killer in his cabin

Get Out

A horror masterpiece by director Jordan Peele, where a man visits his girlfriend’s family only to uncover a sinister truth


A man with 23 different personalities kidnaps three teenagers who must get to know his personas to figure out a way to escape

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