Scenic Routes In India For A Road Trip


Dec 18, 2021

Hindustan Times


Mumbai-Pune Highway

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The 94.5km long Mumbai-Pune Expressway makes for a perfect road trip route. Taking your own time to explore this lush green haven is the best way to experience the place

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It's a 236.6 kilometer beautiful stretch of rugged terrain with the Beas River turning through it

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It's ideal for first-time hill drivers. It's a beautiful drive across the Cheena peak range, including a stop at the Kilbury birding spot

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Guwahati to Tawang is one of the absolute must-do road trips in Northeast India, covering 509 kilometres in around 14 hours

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One of the most well-known road trips in Southern India is from Bangalore to Coorg, a tranquil small village nestled between the Western Ghats' mountain ranges

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