Seamless Payments With Mobile Apps


By Atharv Sharma
Published Sept 23 2021

Hindustan Times


After the demonetisation of older currency notes and the pandemic, the use of mobile payment applications in India has skyrocketed

Credits: Unsplash

Credits: Unsplash

According to RedSeer Consulting, By 2025, the current 160 million unique mobile payment users will have grown to over 800 million

Here are a few mobile payments app you can try

Credits: Unsplash


One of the most popular payment apps in India offering both wallet and UPI services

Instagram: paytm

Google Pay

Known for its easy to use interface, Google implements UPI technology using this app

Credits: Unsplash


Developed by the State Bank Of India to easily facilitate mobile payments

Credits: statebankofindia


An app by the Indian Government to promote and enable citizens to make mobile payments

Instagram: bhim_npci

Amazon Pay

An online payments processing service by Amazon that lets users pay with their Amazon accounts

Instagram: amazonpay


Accessible and fast, HDFC's mobile payment app PayZapp is great for online transactions

Credits: HDFC Bank Ltd.


Based on UPI technology, PhonePe is one of the leading mobile payments app to use

Credits: PhonePe

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