Self-Care Activities For A Digital Detox


Nov 25, 2021

Hindustan Times


Tired of using constantly using your digital devices and want to take a break?

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Credits: Unsplash

People around the world are opting for a digital detox where they refrain from using any tech devices

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Detaching from your devices for a period of time may help improve your mental well-being

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Here are a few self care activities to assist your digital detox

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Go outside, get some fresh air, and spend some time walking either alone or with friends


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Re-organising your room, cupboard or wardrobe can be mentally stimulating and can give a fresh feel to your place


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Culinary activities can help reduce stress and anxiety and also give you a chance to learn a new recipe

Cooking and baking

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Immerse yourself in arts and crafts as they not only unleash your creativity but also improve your cognitive abilities

Arts and crafts

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According to research, 30 minutes of exercise every day can improve general health, including mental wellness


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Put down your phone and take up that book you've been meaning to read. Start with 30 minutes of reading per day and gradually increase your reading time

Read a book

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