Skincare Tips For Winters


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Oct 27, 2021

Our skin needs special care during this changing season

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 Here are a few winter skincare tips that you can incorporate in your skincare routine

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 Stay hydrated

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Make sure to hydrate yourself by having at least two litres of water per day as the skin tends to dehydrate quickly during the winter season

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Use moisturizers

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To prevent dehydration use moisturizer generously. Avoid washing your face frequently as it leads to dryness

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Bathe in cold water for better skin

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Try to use cold water while bathing in winters as warm water results in removing essential skin oils and makes your skin dry

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Try to be as natural as you can be

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Including too many make-up products can make your skin look dry and lifeless. Try to keep your skin as natural as you can and keep the usage of cosmetics to a minimum

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Sunscreen plays a crucial role in the skincare routine

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Make sure to properly apply sunscreen before stepping out as the winter sun can be harsh and can damage your skin 

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