Speed Up Your Old Android Device


Sept 22 2021

Hindustan Times


Lack of updates for old android phones may result in slowed performance and technical failures

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Here are a few ways to get your old android device to run faster

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App Management

Delete unnecessary apps and wallpapers from your device to free up space for other functions

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To boost performance, delete app cache memory periodically as it is temporarily needed 

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Install Updates

Software updates by your phone’s manufacturers improve your device’s health and performance

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Do not ignore these software updates as they may rectify critical security issues and fix reported bugs. Install them as soon as possible

Restart your phone

Restarting an old android device once per day will result in stopping unnecessary background processes

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Used apps often keep running in the background and end up hogging resources. A quick phone restart will fix that issue and maintain your device health

Storage Management

Clean your android device by deleting unnecessary files on your device and SD card

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One of the reasons for a slow android phone is insufficient storage. Deleting bloatware and non-essential files will free up space and boost device performance

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