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By Neha Yadav
Published Apr 29, 2023

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Stunning Destinations To Explore In Summer

Here are some stunning destinations you can explore in summer with your friends and family

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This little town in Uttarakhand is a birdwatcher's hub that offers splendid views of different species of birds and panoramic views of hills

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This hill station in Andhra Pradesh is nestled amidst pastoral beauty. It offers stunning views of river gorges, orchards, and waterfalls and a rewarding trekking experience

Araku Valley

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Located in Maharashtra, this hill station is located on the Sahayadri mountain ranges. It offers mesmerising views of waterfalls, beautiful green fields and sparkly lakes

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Fagu is a gorgeous hamlet in the Kufri region of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. This town has stone-walled houses. It offers views of majestic Himalayan ranges

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Idukki is a beautiful hill station in Kerala with breathtaking views of lakes and hills covered with misty clouds. It is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers

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This misty hill station in Tamil Nadu is an excellent spot for a summer getaway with family. It offers captivating views of Nilgiri hills and bright green tea estates

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Located in Assam, this Himalayan beauty has far-stretched tea gardens. It is also an excellent spot for birdwatching

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This offbeat hill station in Arunachal Pradesh is a quaint little town with beautiful green patches and paddy fields. It offers alluring views of nature, perfect for a summer holiday

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Nestled in Kashmir, this breathtaking village is an offbeat tourist spot with lush forests rolling over the hills. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers

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