Thrilling VR Games You Must Try Once


By Atharv Sharma
Published Nov 12, 2021

Hindustan Times


Credits: Unsplash

When compared to playing a game on a standard gaming console, the finest VR games available right now allow you to experience a whole new level of immersion

Credits: Unsplash

Here are some of the most exciting VR video games for you to play

Beat Saber

Credits: Beat Games

Beat Saber is an interactive music and rhythm game. It requires players to keep up with the beat while avoiding obstacles

Half-Life: Alyx

Credits: Valve Corp.

Half-Life: Alyx is a mind-bending adventure packed with creative, head-scratching scientific puzzles to solve in virtual reality

Minecraft VR

Credits: Instagram/ Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that combines exploration, creation, and survival, as well as a number of control improvements for the VR platform, such as 3D audio


Credits: Polyarc

Solve puzzles, fight enemies, and explore whimsical environments in this enchanting VR adventure game

No Man's Sky VR

Credits: Hello Games

As you journey towards the centre of the cosmos, visit countless procedurally created planets, build a home base, and battle hostile spacecrafts in space

Superhot VR

Credits: Superhot

Superhot VR is a time-bending and stylish shooter in which the world around you stops moving when you do

The Climb

Credits: Twitter/ The Climb

The Climb is a great example of how virtual reality can effectively recreate a real-life experience of scaling a sequence of dangerous mountainsides

Pistol Whip

Credits: Cloudhead Games

This musical combat experience does not compel you to match a specific rhythm, instead it allows you to take down enemies as you see fit

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