Tips For Healthy Fasting 


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By  Mehak Pal
Published Oct 03, 2021

Fasting has been in practice for centuries and comes with numerous health benefits

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Here are a few healthy fasting tips for you to follow 

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Fasting is an effective way to detox the body. It helps eliminate unwanted calories and improves digestion

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Adopt a sattvic diet which includes fruits and veggies that help cleanse the body 

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Make sure to keep your body hydrated while fasting. You can drink coconut water, refreshing juices, infused water or smoothies

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Be mindful while choosing your snacks during the fasting period 

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Try to adopt healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, makhanas, or rajgira ladoos etc

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Avoid refined sugar and opt for healthy alternatives such as jaggery or honey

Limit the intake of potatoes while fasting and try to go with alternatives such as sabudana

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Schedule small meals at regular intervals to keep metabolism in check

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