Tips For Solo Travelling 


By Mehak Pal
Published Sep 6, 2021

Hindustan Times


Are you planning to take a solo trip? 

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Here are a few tips that can help you 0n your journey 

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The first step of every travel plan is to decide the destination and plan out an itinerary for the trip

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Only pack essentials in your luggage as the extra weight can be a hassle to manage when travelling alone

Pack light 

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You can opt for a homestay or youth hostels when you’re travelling solo as they cost less and help you save money


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Opt for online transactions through UPI or net banking whenever possible, keep some cash in hand in case of emergencies 

Handling money

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If you're planning a solo trip abroad make sure to get a prepaid currency card beforehand or activate international payments for your bank account 

Travelling Abroad 

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Download maps on your phone before venturing out to explore, so that even if there are network issues, you can still find your way

Offline Maps

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Speak to a travel agent or guide if you have any queries regarding your travels

Consult Travel Agents 

Make use of public transport for your commutes to save up on money rather than spending on private transport

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Public Transport

Keep your family and close friends updated about your whereabouts during your travels

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Constant Updates

 Share your itinerary / the contact details of your hotel so your family can reach you easily

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Hotel's Contact Details 

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