Tips To Avoid A Burnout


By Ada Kohli
Published Sept 15, 2021

Hindustan Times


Excessive work pressure and long working hours can lead to a burnout. Here are a few tips to avoid a burnout for you 

Be Realistic

Work is only part of your life and your company will survive without you. You need to know how to strike a balance between work and home

Work in Moderation

Take breaks, travel, do yoga to change the way you feel. Make sure that you make time every day for an activity that you love

Limit stuff on your plate

Do not overcommit to impress others and learn to negotiate timelines and delegate work

Take out time for yourself 

Take out time to do things you like. It can be reading a book or going for a walk

Create work-free zones

There should be physical spaces in your home where you never work

Organize your time 

Many people try doing more than required within the day to create buffers. This way they don’t log out even after the day is over. Organize your time to avoid burnouts

Take regular breaks

Take regular breaks to allow your mind to destress. Also make a priority list to make tasks easier 

Schedule social activities

Take days off from work, and go on a short vacation with your family or friends. Have fun and forget about the pressures at work

Pursue a hobby

Hobbies always take a back seat when professional life takes hold of us. So get to the activities you’ve been ignoring

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