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By Neha Yadav
Published Sep 19, 2022

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Tips To Avoid Travel Booking Mistakes

Here are a few tips to avoid common travel booking mistakes 

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Booking late for holiday seasons

Travel booking prices increase with nearing travel dates. Book your tickets earlier at low prices 

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Wrong passenger details

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Make sure the passenger details you enter while booking travel tickets are precise and match your documents

Always have a calendar handy to crosscheck the booking date before making the payment 

Wrong date

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Booking your travel tickets too early for non-holiday seasons may not be a good idea as prices may go down for the dates as the travel date nears

Non-holiday seasons

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When booking connecting flight tickets, it is crucial to have a layover for more than 2 hours as baggage check-in for International flights takes more time

Insufficient time gap

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Different airlines offer different baggage limits. Crosscheck the baggage allowance before booking travel tickets to avoid paying extra charges

Baggage allowance

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To avoid paying extra costs, pay crucial attention to the validity period, extra person surcharge, transfer costs as well as the cancellation policy

Not checking policies

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Take notes of the travel prices of different airlines' websites. Make sure to compare the prices of each deal and book tickets accordingly

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Not comparing prices

While booking travel tickets, check your 24-hour watch to avoid confusion between midday and midnight

Wrong travel time

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Not having a backup plan can create complications in your travel itinerary. Always chalk out an alternative plan to save your time and money

No backup Plan

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