Tips To Deal With Mental Health


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By  Mehak Pal
Published Oct 02, 2021

Mental health is as important as physical health

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 Here are a few tips that can put your mental health woes at bay

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 Perform breathing exercises as they help calm you down and reduce levels of stress

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Adopting practices such as meditation may help deal with stress and anxiety effectively

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Try to adopt nature therapy as observing and feeling nature allows you to feel connected with your inner self 

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Storytelling effectively impacts the wellness of the mind. If you’re a good narrator then weave words into a story and narrate 

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Adopt the habit of reading as it enhances one's analytical thinking and prevents one from overthinking

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Chalk out a routine and adhere to it without failure as it will keep you organised and composed 

Make your routine engaging by adding new activities that keep you occupied

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Always ensure you have a nutritious meal and in the right proportion as it can positively affect your mental health

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