Tips To Eat Right And Digest Better


Dec 08, 2021

Hindustan Times


It is critical to eat a well-balanced diet in order to provide the body with the nutrients it requires while also releasing harmful toxins

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Here are some guidelines to help you eat and digest food more effectively

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Eat only when hungry

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Give your body ample time to completely digest the previous meal and generate hunger in the body before eating anything

Portion control

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We are all unique individuals with varying demands, stomach sizes, and metabolic rates. Pay attention to your body and eat only till you are satiated

Eat warm meals

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This will ensure that the food is properly digested by allowing the digestive enzymes to function properly

Eat quality food

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Make sure your meal has a little oil in it, as this can help digestion and nutritional absorption

Be present when you eat

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Take time to enjoy the aroma of your food, the appearance of your plate, the texture of your food, the many flavours, and the sounds you make while eating

Don't eat in a rush

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Don't just swallow your food; chew it thoroughly. Chewing is an important part of the digestive process

Have an eating schedule

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Your metabolism will be active at ideal levels all day long if you schedule your meals, which will help you generate a stable energy source

Avoid distractions while eating

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When you eat, sit down and eat with as little distractions as possible which means no television, book, phone, or laptop

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