Tips To Feed Toddlers 


Published Sep 27, 2021

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 Feeding toddlers can be stressful and messy. Here are some tips to tackle the eating battles with toddlers

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Set a time every day with your toddler to offer food. Do give few hours between feedings 

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Regular meal times 

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Encourage your toddler to eat foods of different colours, tastes, aromas, and textures. It may take several exposures to certain foods

Give time to adjust to new food 

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After the first year, children can consume the same food as everyone else in the family with minor adjustment for spices and texture

 Avoid cooking special meals 

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Turn food into attractive shapes which they can manage to hold with their hands, as children often explore their food with hands before eating 

Make it fun 

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Do serve small portions on a big plate and refill it as they complete 

Serve small portions 

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Take your child along to shop for vegetables and fruits, and teach them to eat fruits as snacks instead 

 Involve your child 

It depends on the parents to set an example for your toddler. Eat a variety of healthy foods yourself, and let your child learn by imitation

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Be a good example 

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Try to be creative with your toddler’s meal and include vegetables of  different colours to add creativity to the food

 Involve creativity 

It is vital to know about your child’s appetite as force-feeding might suppress their natural appetite 

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Respect your toddler’s hunger cue 

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