Tips To Prep For Any Trek 


By Ada Kohli
Published Nov 10, 2021

Hindustan Times


Planning a trek but not sure how to prep for it? Here are a few tips to prep for any trek that may be on your list

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Pack light

Make sure you pack light as you are going to have to carry your own luggage while you trek and will not get a chance to bathe regularly

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Good trekking shoes

Carry your most comfortable pair of shoes. Make sure that you have broken into your shoes if they are new to avoid getting shoe bites while trekking

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Keep yourself hydrated

Drink lots of water and eat high energy foods as high altitude treks can often be demanding and dehydrate us faster

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Build stamina

Start exercising at least a month before your trek and build up your leg muscles. Along with taking walks, start jogging and walking with a back-pack on your shoulders

Stop smoking

Your lungs need to perform at their full capacity when in high-altitude areas. So if you quit smoking prior to your trek, your body will be able to perform better

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Credits: Unsplash

Carry emergency supplies

Carry emergency supplies such as a first aid kit, dry rations like chocolates, granola bars, nuts, etc in case of emergencies

Run or walk in the sand

This will help you build muscles that help protect your knees and ankles

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Make sure to do cardio before you go on your trek. It helps increase your heart rate which will further help in building your lung capacity

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Take your medicines

Along with your personal essential medicines, always pack medicines for common ailments and injuries

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