Tips To Prevent Constipation


Jan 09, 2022

Hindustan Times


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Simple changes to your regular routine can help you deal with constipation

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Here are some suggestions to help you avoid constipation

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Set proper meal timings

You can improve your metabolism by eating at a set hour regularly. Digestion problems might be caused by eating at odd times or skipping meals

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Drink more water

Constipation can be caused by a variety of factors, one of which is dehydration. Enough water in the colon can aid in proper bowel movement

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Increase fibre in diet

Fibre-rich foods assist in relieving constipation by increasing stool bulk

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Reduce stress

Stress hormones can disrupt not just your digestive system, but they can also cause irregular eating patterns, which can lead to constipation

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Chew well

Digestive enzymes are released when you chew your meal properly and gently, which helps with digestion

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Exercise daily

Any type of physical activity or exercise can assist to keep the digestive system in check and treat constipation

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Avoid foods with high fat

Foods with high fat content must be avoided to keep constipation at bay

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