Tips To Speed Up Your Old iPhone


By Atharv Sharma
Published Sep 15, 2022

Hindustan Times


Here are some tips to speed up your old iPhone

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Check for the latest update

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It's recommended to always keep your device updated with Apple's constant release of new OS versions with minor and major bug fixes

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Check to see whether a new software update has been released that may help speed up your device

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Clean up your iPhone

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Keeping track of unnecessary files and frequently deleting them also helps to maintain your iPhone's performance and speed

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Go to Settings app, then General and proceed to iPhone Storage to see how your iPhone's storage is currently in use

Credits: Apple

Clear browser cache

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All browsers store data in the form of cache and cookies to provide a smooth internet surfing experience

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This cache accumulates in your device over time and slows it down. Therefore, periodically emptying the cache data can help the iPhone run faster

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