Travel Groups For Your Next Trip


By Ada Kohli
Published Nov 13, 2021

Hindustan Times


It isn’t always possible to convince your friends or family members to plan a trip with you. A better option is to find good travel groups with whom you can go explore

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Here is a list of a few travel groups that you can plan your next trip with

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The Backpacker Co

Credits: Instagram/thebackpackerco

They often cater to a more rustic experience for a large variety of groups. They organise solo, as well as, all women trips across continents

Credits: Instagram/thebackpackerco

F5 escapes

Credits: Instagram/f5escapes

F5 escapes offer both, all women as well as mixed trips. They organise trips to Meghalaya, Andaman Islands, Kinnaur etc.

Credits: Instagram/f5escapes

Wandering Jane

Credits: Instagram/wanderingjane

Wandering Jane organises trips specifically for women. They organise group as well as solo trips, both in and out of India

Credits: Instagram/janelovestowander

India Untravelled

Credits: Instagram/indiauntravelled

India Untravelled focuses on exploring the rural parts of India that many have not experienced before

Credits: Facebook/indiauntravelled

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