Travel Preparation Tips 


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By Mehak Pal
Published Sep 12, 2021

Not spending time with your family and friends due to a busy life?

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 You should plan a trip with them where you can spend quality time together

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Here are a few preparation tips to keep in mind

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The first step of every trip is to decide the destination and the favourable season of that place 

Place and Season 

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 Make a list of all the items that you will take along while travelling. For example clothes, camera, charger, footwear, etc 

Prepare a list 

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Before going on a trip, make sure your travel arrangements are in order to avoid inconvenience

Confirmation of transportation

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Carry clothes according to the destination especially if you're planning for hills

Pack according to the season

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Don’t forget to carry your medication and/or the doctor’s prescription. Also carry a medical kit for emergencies

Medicines and Medical Kit

If you are planning a trip make sure to set a budget as early as possible

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Set a budget

Opt for online transactions through UPI or net banking whenever possible, keep some cash in hand in case of emergencies

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Money Management

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