Unique Web Browsers To Try


By Atharv Sharma
Published Sept 18 2021

Hindustan Times


Opera GX

Built for gamers

Instagram:  opera

Opera GX is specially designed with gamers in mind. The browser optimises PC and Net usage to boost gaming experience


Safe and flexible

Instagram:  vivaldibrowser

Vivaldi has much to offer power users - is faster and smarter in all respects

Credits: Unsplash


Guaranteed anonymity

Credits: thetorproject

Credits: Unsplash

With Tor, you enter the Dark Web. This browser provides top-of-the-line anonymity to gamers. Tor keeps advertisers and websites away


More than a browser

Credits: Pexels

Torch is one of the browsers that lets users grab online media directly from websites and even serve as a torrent client to download torrent files


A browser for the next generation

Credits: brave

Brave provides speed and privacy and that stems from its ability to strip away ads

Credits: Unsplash

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