Ways To Control Binge Eating This Diwali


Hindustan Times


Oct 30, 2021

During festivities people often binge eat which can lead to stomach issues like constipation and indigestion

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Here are a few ways which can help you control binge eating this Diwali

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Be mindful about what you eat. Try to pick healthier options like dry fruits over sweets, roasted nuts over fried foods and lemon water over cold drinks

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Practice portioning your meals by picking a small plate and having smaller meal portions

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 Try to eat slow as it will give your stomach time to digest the food properly

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Listen to your body and know when to stop eating as overeating may negatively impact your health

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A smart way to politely say NO to the social pressure of eating or drinking is to keep a glass of a drink in your hand and sip it through the night

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 Eat small and frequent meals throughout the day so that you feel satiated and don't overeat later 

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Don’t use the festivities as an excuse for missing workouts and walks. Exercise helps in keeping the body’s metabolism and sleeping pattern in check

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To avoid feasting on fatty and sugary foods, snack on fibrous fruits, nuts and cereals which are low-glycemic index foods

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