Ways To Include Beetroot In Your Diet 


Oct 12, 2021

Hindustan Times


Beetroot is packed with vitamin B,C, iron, manganese, fibre and many more nutrients essential for our bodies

If you don’t like the taste of this superfood, here are some easy ways to include beetroot in your diet

Beetroot salad

Mix your favorite veggies with sliced beetroot and add salad dressings of your choice

Beetroot paratha

Credits: Flickr/newmother2012

Stuff grated beetroot into the dough ball of your parathas and enjoy this healthy breakfast

Credits: Raju Kasumbe/ CC-SA4.0

Beetroot chips

Credits: Flickr/falovi

Beetroot chips can be a healthy replacement for your daily snacks. Simply chop and bake the sliced beetroot pieces and enjoy it with a tasty dip

Credits: Flickr/cyclonebill

Beetroot Juice

Studies suggest that having beetroot juice and exercising can help one improve their body's blood flow to the brain 

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