What To Eat To Beat Winter Blues

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By Mehak Pal
Published Nov 07, 2021


Searching for food items to beat the winter blues?

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 Here are a few food items that you can include in your diet to beat winter blues

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Try to include grapefruit in your diet as it is high in vitamin C and assists in tackling numerous skin ailments

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The presence of lycopene in grapefruit keeps the skin smooth and protects it from UV rays

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 Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower are high in vitamin C which assist in enhancing the immune system

 Root vegetables also help in beating winter blues. Vitamin A and other antioxidants present in them aid in keeping the skin healthy and nourished

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Picture Credit: Unsplash

Oatmeal provides essential nutrients during winters. It is high in zinc and soluble fiber which enhances functioning of the immune system and boosts heart health

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Chia seeds are also helpful in beating winter blues. They contain essential fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties

 Sweet potatoes are easily available in winters for you to add them to your winter diet. They lock-in moisture and the presence of vitamin A prevents skin damage

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You can also add cinnamon to your winter dishes as it helps in increasing the blood circulation in your body 

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