Why Eggs Are Healthy For You


Published Oct 9, 2021

Hindustan Times


A superfood full of proteins, vitamins and minerals, eggs are a versatile food and a worthy addition to one's diet

Here are a few reasons why eating eggs is healthy for you

Egg yolks are a good source of vitamin B which helps in aiding our brain function. Eating eggs may help you focus and concentrate better

Good for your brain

They are a rich source of good cholesterol which reduces the risk of heart diseases

Good for heart health

Eggs are rich in antioxidants that help protect the eyes and maintain eye health

Keeps the eyes healthy

Full of proteins, eggs make us feel full quickly which reduces the chances of overeating and helps cut down on extra calories

Help in weight loss

Eggs are full of vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, B12 and K. They help improve our skin, eyes and bones among other things

Vitamin boost

Egg whites, which are rich in protein, help excessively in muscle growth. Having eggs regularly can help boost immunity and strengthen muscles

Helps in muscle growth

Egg whites are high in calcium which helps strengthen the bones, increase bone density and prevents them from osteoporosis

Strengthens bones

An egg contains about 6 gm of protein which helps in increasing muscle mass and lowering blood pressure among other things

Full of proteins

As eggs have both fat and protien, they keep us satiated for longer. According to a recent study, eggs tend to satisfy more than a bagel breakfast, with an equal calorie count

Has superb satiety

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