Why Include Dates In Your Winter Diet

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By Mehak Pal
Published Nov 03, 2021


Dates are the superfood you must include in your winter diet because of their high nutritional content, which offers plenty of health benefits

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 Here are a few amazing benefits of eating dates in the winter season

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They are a good source of vitamins, minerals and fibres which effectively strengthen one's skeletal system

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Picture Credit: Unsplash

Including dates to your diet during winters brings relief in pain caused by arthritis

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 Having dates regularly during winters reduces bad cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart attack

 Dates are high in sugar content and may be used as a healthy sugar alternative while preparing desserts

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Picture Credit: Unsplash

Including dates to the diet during winters can help you stay warm as body temperature drops during winters

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Dates are known as energy boosters as they are simple carbs and serve as a great fuel when you need lasting energy for the day

They are considered as one of the richest sources of iron and can aid in boosting haemoglobin levels

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The presence of fiber content in dates ensures that one remains full for longer and keeps hunger pangs at bay

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 They also help in keeping digestive problems away as they are rich in both soluble and insoluble fibers

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