By Sohini Sengupta
Published December 28, 2021

Hindustan Times


Winter Desserts India Has To Offer

Pexels: Saveurs Secretes

With the onset of winters comes an increased urge to satisfy your sweet tooth. How to satisfy that? Of course, with tasty desserts

Pexels: Lara Jameson

Here are some delicious winter desserts that are popular in India

Gajar ka halwa

This tops the list with its regional variations and flavourful taste. Mostly made with grated carrots, milk and sugar - nothing can beat its taste

Moong dal ka halwa


This ghee-filled delicious dessert is a favourite of many 

Til Ke Laddu

Made with sesame seeds, peanuts, jaggery and cardamom, this traditional laddu also has ghee that adds to its aroma and flavour



This dry sweet made of sesame seeds or peanuts and jaggery can be stored for months. The til is cooked in raw sugar syrup and set in thin layers

Nolen gurer sandesh


This classic Bengali sweet is one of the most anticipated milk-jaggery fudges that will melt in your mouth


This sweet, glazed with ghee and its crunchy goodness, is enough to warm up your winter evenings


This Indian cookie is made with all-purpose flour, semolina, butter or ghee and powdered sugar. For garnishing, one can use cardamom and pistachios


This list is incomplete without India's favourite spiral dessert that tastes just as warm and sugary as it looks

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