Work from Home Breakfast Options


By Mehak Pal
Published Aug 6, 2021

Hindustan Times


Avocado on Toast

This is a healthy breakfast option - add a scoop of avocado on a toast with a topping of red or black chili and some salt. Add an egg if you’d like

Masala Omelette

Use leftover vegetables and sprinkle some spices and enjoy this perfect breakfast option with some toast

Pexels : Arvin Nav 
Pixabay: Joseph Mucira


An excellent option for a quick breakfast, it doesn’t require too much work

Pixabay: sivanbn 

Chickpea Salad

This is a healthy breakfast option that’s also super yummy

Pixabay: ivabalk

Cereal bowl with fruits

Chop up some fruits and add to your cereal bowl. Give it a lift with some nuts as well



The addition of veggies and peanuts make it a healthy and a quick option for breakfast

Pixabay: Aline Ponce 

Frozen Yoghurt 

Bored of regular breakfast options? Try some flavoured frozen yogurt. Add some fruits and nuts to make it tastier

Pixabay: Jaikishan Patel 

Dal ka parantha

These are easy to make from dal leftover from the previous night’s meal. Add some coriander leaves and chilli according to taste 


Easy to make, delicious and healthy, idlis are a great breakfast option 

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