Work From Home: Managing Nutrition


By Mehak Pal
Published Sep 24, 2021

Hindustan Times


Working from home can make it tough to keep track of your nutrition

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 Here are a few tips you can try to eat healthy while working from home

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Make a note of your meals and prepare them in advance 

Plan your meals

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Scheduling your meals at timely intervals by setting alarms will help remind you to take necessary breaks and eat or relax

Set meal alarms

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Drinking enough water throughout the day increase the body's energy levels and relieves fatigue

Stay hydrated

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Opt for healthy snack options such as roasted unsalted nuts, roasted chickpeas, dry apricots, and peanut butter dip etc 

Plan healthy snacks 

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Keep healthy snacks around your workstation  to prevent wastage of time 

Keep healthy snacks accessible

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It is important to eat within portion sizes whether it’s your main meal or mid snack so that you avoid overeating

Portion out your meals 

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Being distracted during a meal can lead to overeating and decrease satiety from the meal

Focus on eating

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Focus on nutritious foods

A balanced and nutritious diet keeps you fuller for long and helps keep you focused 

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Make sure to plan at least one good protein source in all your meals of the day as it helps you feel full and satiated for longer 

Meet up your protein intake

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