‘Hate trumps history’: How the American media reacted to Donald Trump’s victory
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‘Hate trumps history’: How the American media reacted to Donald Trump’s victory

How mainstream American media reacted to Donald Trump’s historic win.

world Updated: Nov 09, 2016 15:48 IST
Most mainstream American media was blindsided by Trump’s stunning victory over Hillary Clinton.

Around the world, people glued to television screens and social media watched suspended in shock as Republican nominee Donald Trump beat opponent Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States.

Trump’s stunning victory was not predicted by even the most enthusiastic of his supporters, but many mainstream media organisations were completely blindsided.

Here’s how the American media reacted to the news:

The New York Times

Back in September, the Times had endorsed Hillary Clinton,calling Trump the ‘worst nominee put forward by a major party in modern American history.’ The news organisation appeared to be stunned by the verdict, calling the victory a ‘shocking upset’.

In the wake of the results, many experts have pointed out how liberal media misread the sentiment. The Times’ editorial echoes this, calling Trump’s victory the ‘repudiation of establishment.’

The Washington Post

Just like the Times, Washington Post used the same phrase to describe Trump’s victory: ‘stunning upset’. In an opinion piece on the Post’s site, Dan Balz called it a shocking end to a traumatic campaign.

The Wall Street Journal

The leading business newspaper called the triumph of ‘GOP outsider’ Trump a ‘stunning’ victory. The WSJ also reported how markets tumbled after the news broke.

The New Yorker

The home page of the New Yorker, which had also endorsed Hilalry Clinton, wore a sombre look as it announced : An American Tragedy. In an editorial, david Remnick said Trump’s win meant, “a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism.


Politico, which keenly watches campaigns and Congress, called it the biggest upset in US history. It also asked a question which was on every one’s minds: How did it everyone get it so wrong?

Mother Jones

The online news site chose to lead with a blunt headline declaring how ‘Hate Trumps History’. In the opinion piece , David Corn says America is broken, after voting to power ‘a bully and a bigot’ and warned that there is no telling what comes next.

Breitbart News Network

The right-wing Breitbart news, whose CEO Stephen K. Bannon became Trump’s campaign advisor, was in the mood for jubilant celebration. ‘YOU-S-A’, screamed the site, saying Trump’s win was a victory for ordinary Americans over the elite.

Fox News

Fox called Trump’s victory ‘establishment-stunning’ and says mainstream media’s ‘primal scream’ can be heard round the world after they go their predictions wrong . A piece by Todd Starnes, congratulating the Silent Majority for propelling Trump to the presidency, begins with: ‘Our long national nightmare is over and the Republic has been saved.’

Drudge Report

Run by Matt Drudge, the conservative site celebrated Trump’s victory with a headline that said, Let the People Rule.

First Published: Nov 09, 2016 15:46 IST