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Putin set to hold nuclear evacuation drill; moved family to Siberia: Reports

By | Written by Poulomi Ghosh
Mar 20, 2022 08:23 AM IST

As Western agents are trying to analyse Putin's mind through his recent appearances, they find that Putin is 'trapped in a closed world of his own making', where he is the single decision maker and he is absolutely insulated from other points of view.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a nuclear war evacuation drill amid the escalating tension with Ukraine, several UK media reports citing Telegram channels claimed. As the Russia-Ukraine war is going on side by side with the negotiation, Moscow has claimed to have used its advanced hypersonic missile on Ukraine. With all indications that Putin might be inching towards a nuclear war, the report of a nuclear evacuation drill has shocked Kremlin officials, Daily Mail, Mirror UK reported.

Western spies believe Putin's self concept does not allow failure or weakness.(AP)
Western spies believe Putin's self concept does not allow failure or weakness.(AP)

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According to the claims, senior political figures of the Kremlin have been warned by Putin himself that they will participate in evacuation drills in preparation for a nuclear war. Ex-President Dmitry Medvedev, who now has a security role, along with the speakers of the two houses of parliament - Vyacheslav Volodin and Valentina Matviyenko - are the three who have been told about the nuclear war, reports say.

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Where are Putin's family members?

Not much is known about Putin's family members, but since the Russia-Ukraine war started, reports claimed Putin moved unidentified members of his immediate family to a hi-tech underground bunker, which is a whole underground city, in teh Altai Mountains of Siberia.

Putin's Doomsday plan

Kremlin has a Doomsday plan ready and it is no secret. For a nuclear conflict, if any, Russia has Doomsday planes that would be used by Putin and his closes allies to stay above the war. A sky bunker was also under the Doomsday plan but is believed to be not ready yet. All these have been reported by the Russian press earlier and the veracity remains questionable.

A mad-man or an isolated man?

Western agents are trying to get inside Putin's mind to better understand his intentions and have found that Putin is trapped in a closed world o his own making, agents who have spoken to BBC said. "The challenge of understanding the Kremlin's moves is that Putin is the single decision-maker in Moscow," John Sipher, who formerly ran the CIA's Russia operations, told BBC.

The BBC report said apart from the CIA team on leadership analysis other sources to read Putin's mind are his interaction with other state leaders. "In 2014, Angela Merkel reportedly told President Obama that Mr Putin was living 'in another world'. President Macron meanwhile when he sat down with Mr Putin recently, was reported to have found the Russian leader 'more rigid, more isolated' compared with previous encounters," BBC report noted.

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